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The International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) S-100 is a universal hydrographic data model that supplies a framework for the development of digital products used by hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities.

S-100 extends the scope of the existing S-57 Hydrographic Transfer standard. Unlike S-57, S-100 is inherently more flexible and makes provision for such things as the use of imagery and gridded data types, enhanced metadata and multiple encoding formats. It also provides a more flexible and dynamic maintenance regime via a dedicated on-line registry.

S-100 provides the data framework for the development of the next generation of ENC products, as well as other related digital products required by the hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities.

S-100 is based on the ISO 19100 series of geographic standards. This means that S-100 based data is compatible with data created according to the relevant ISO standards.

An S-100 online registry based on the ISO 19135 standard (Procedures for Registration of Geographical Information Items), has been established for the registration, management and maintenance of the various dictionaries of items recognised under the S-100 framework.

The registry contains the following principal subordinate registers:

  • Feature Concept Dictionary (FCD) Register
  • Portrayal Register (under development)
  • Metadata Register (not established)
  • Data Producer Code register

S-121 is an extension of S-100 for the administration of the marine domain.