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Terms of Reference

The objective of the S121 project team is to develop IHO S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries Product Specification. The product specification should take into account the following:

  • Defining a proposed data model;
  • Create an S-100 conformant product specification for Maritime Limits and Boundaries to support coastal States’ depository obligations in accordance with the Convention;
  • Determine if S-100 needs to be extended to facilitate the implementation of the deposit obligation of coastal States’ under the Convention.


  • This Project Team (S121PT) is a subsidiary of the S-100 Working Group (S-100 WG). Its work will be guided by the 2016-18 Work Plan established by the S-100 WG and subject to its approval.
  • A new Terms and Reference Document was adopted by the S121PT after the its first meeting held in the United Nation Headquarters, NY, in December 2016.

Composition and Chair

  • The Project Team (S121PT) shall comprise representatives of IHO Member States (MS), Expert Contributors (EC) and observers from accredited NGIOs. The IHO Secretariat may also be represented. A membership list shall be maintained and posted on the IHO website.
  • EC membership is open to entities and organizations that can provide relevant and constructive contribution to the work of the S121PT. ECs shall seek approval of their membership from the Chair of the S121PT.
  • EC membership may be withdrawn, in the event that a majority of S121PT members agree that an EC’s continued participation is either irrelevant or not constructive to the work of the S121PT.
  • The Chair of the S121PT is designated by the parent body.
  • If a Secretary is required, he/she should normally be drawn from a member of the S121PT.

Editorial group

The editorial group meet once or twice a week, every week or two. Dial In details.

Upcoming meetings

  • [September 11th-15th, 2017] - OGC Technical Committee Southampton details
  • S100 Test Strategy Meeting Washington September 2017 details
  • [September 20th-21st, 2017] - S121 Full group teleconference September 2017 details
  • ABLOS Meeting and Conference Monaco October 2017 details
  • 9th HSSC Ottawa November 2017 details
  • ISO TC211 Meeting Wellington New Zealand November 2017 Details When Announced
  • OGC Technical Panel Meeting Palmerston New Zealand December 2017 details
  • [December 4th-8th, 2017] - S121 Face to Face Meeting December 2017 details
  • S100 Working Group Meeting Singapore April 2018 details

Full group teleconference

Periodically the full group have a teleconference.

Face to Face Meetings

External Liaison Meetings


  • The S121PT should work primarily by written correspondence and teleconferences.
  • Decisions should be made by consensus. Dissenting opinions, if any, should be reflected in the S121PT report.
  • The S121PT should liaise with other IHO bodies, international organizations, end users and industry to ensure the relevance and currency of its work.
  • The S121PT should report in accordance with its Work Plan.

Members and Contacts

Contact Details
Name Organisation Email Address
Mark Alcock Aus
Sebastien Durand Canada
Doug O'Brien IDON
Jonathan Pritchard UKHO
Marisa Ramey CHS
Jonah Sullivan Aus
Qing Zhong Aus
Steven Ackerly Aus