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Encoding and Exchange Formats Guide

The S-121 project team plans to support various open access to vendors and implementers of the S-121 standard. To this end we welcome 3rd parties wishing to use the standard within their software.

United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea

Templates and Examples

Exchange Formats

Human - Computer readable format

S-101 format

S-101 is a new Product Specification for the Electronic Navigational Chart. The project will work towards an S-101 exchange format.

S-57 format

The S-57 format is a vector based digital standard based on S-57 object model. The project will work towards an S-57 exchange format.

Vendor Support

This section is intended as a repository of information to support those who wish to implement S-121. Information on this page is grouped by vendor (in no particular order).



File:S121 MASTER EXPORT.XML for ArcGIS systems which reflects the latest object model. This can be used to create test data conforming to the latest object model.



The project team would dearly love to see a QGIS plugin which could be used to edit S-121 data and produce datasets in any of the S-121 encodings. Please get in touch if you have experience in this area or wish to be involved in this effort.

Test Data

Test datasets are located here to allow vendors/implementors to test their system against real data.