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S-121 Standard Components
Name Link Version Date
S-121 HTML Interactive Model S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries HTML Interactive Model 15th Sept 2017 - 20th September 2017
S-121 Cover Page Cover Page 3.0 12th June 2017
S-121 Draft Overview Draft Overview 3.0 17th April 2017
S-121 Draft Product Specification Draft Product Specification 3.0 17th April 2017
S-121 Draft S-121 Encoding Encoding - -
S-121 Feature Model Feature Model - 10th May 2017
S-121 Governance Governance - 14th September 2017
MLB Features Features - Diagram - -


S121 Development Approach Presentation File:S121PT1 DevelopmentStatus 20161205.pptx

Governance Presentation File:S121 Governance.pptx

Encoding Presentation File:S121 Encoding Revised2.pptx

Work Advancement Meeting - September 20 th-21 th 2017 File:S121-Work Advancements-20-21Sept2017.pptx

UNGGIM Presentation File:UNGGIM Presentation 2017.pdf

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