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S-121 Standard Components
Name Link Version Date
S-121 HTML Interactive Model S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries HTML Interactive Model 15th Sept 2017 - 20th September 2017
S-121 Cover Page Cover Page 4.0 21st November 2017
S-121 Draft Overview Draft Overview 4.0 21st November 2017
S-121 Draft Product Specification Draft Product Specification 4.0 21st November 2017
S-121 Draft S-121 Encoding Encoding - -
S-121 Feature Model Feature Model - 10th May 2017
S-121 Governance Governance - 14th September 2017
MLB Features Features - Diagram - -


S-121 takes a practical step toward achieving the vision of the S-100 standard. The International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) S-100 is a universal hydrographic data model that supplies a framework for the development of digital products used by hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities.

International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) S-100


The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), or Law of the Sea Convention, is an international law that defines the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of the world's oceans. S-121 product definition is a framework based on UNCLOS rights and responsibilities.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea


07 Nov. 2017 - S121 Status Report for HSSC9 File:S121 HSSC November2017 V3.pptx

21 Sept. 2017 - UN-GGIM Presentation File:UNGGIM Presentation 2017.pdf

20 Sept. 2017 - Work Advancement Meeting File:S121-Work Advancements-20-21Sept2017.pptx

20 Sept. 2017 - Governance Presentation File:S121 Governance.pptx

20 Sept. 2017 - Encoding Presentation File:S121 Encoding Revised2.pptx

12 Sept. 2017 - S121 OGC Southhampton Presentation File:S121PT OGC Southhampton UK 20170912.pptx

12 June 2017 - S121 An Introduction and Standard Presentation File:S121PT SPLOS UNPresentation 20170612.pptx

05 Dec. 2016 - S121 Development Approach Presentation File:S121PT1 DevelopmentStatus 20161205.pptx

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