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| 1.0
| 1.0
| 14th November 2018
| 14th November 2018
| S-121 HTML Interactive Model
| [http://www.s-121.com/docs3/S121_HTML_Model_29Nov17/ S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries HTML Interactive Model 29th Nov 2017]
| -
| 29th November 2017
| S-121 Enterprise Architect Model
| S-121 Enterprise Architect Model

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S-121 Standard Components

S-121 Standard Components
Name Link Version Date
S-121 HTML Interactive Model S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries HTML Interactive Model 14th Nov 2018 1.0 14th November 2018
S-121 Enterprise Architect Model Enterprise Architect Model - 22nd March 2018
S-121 Cover Page Cover Page 1.01 28th January 2019
S-121 Draft Overview Draft Overview 1.01 28th January 2019
S-121 Draft Product Specification Draft Product Specification 1.01 28th January 2019
S-121 Derivation of Classes Derivation of Classes 1.01 28th January 2019
S-121 Encoding and Implementation Specification Encoding and Implementation Specification 1.01 28th January 2019
S-121 Feature Model Feature Model 1.0 5th April 2018
S-121 Governance Governance - 14th September 2017
MLB Features Features - Diagram - 14th September 2017

Known Implementation Issues

  • Add attribute “name” to the implementation model, the definition may need revision.
  • Add attribute “legalID” to the implementation model for all feature objects and “BasicAdministrativeUnits”.
  • Reorganize attribute order in a logical sense.
  • Review the definitions to ensure clarity.

Meeting Documents (most recent listed first)

PT7 December 3rd-7th 2018

PT6 October 30th 2018

PT5 March 28th-29th 2018

PT4 December 4th-8th 2017

PT3 September 20th-21st 2017

PT2 May 10th-11th 2017

PT1 December 5th-9th 2016

General Links


S-121 takes a practical step toward achieving the vision of the S-100 standard. The International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) S-100 is a universal hydrographic data model that supplies a framework for the development of digital products used by hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities.

An update about S-121 was presented to the S-100 Working Group on 13 April 2018. Document

International Hydrographic Organisation's (IHO) S-100


The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), or Law of the Sea Convention, is an international law that defines the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of the world's oceans. S-121 product definition is a framework based on UNCLOS rights and responsibilities.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

"The Future We Want"

158. We recognize that oceans, seas and coastal areas form an integrated and essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem and are critical to sustaining it and that international law, as reflected in United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), provides the legal framework for the conservation and the sustainable use of the oceans and their resources. We stress the importance of the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and seas and of their resources for sustainable development, including through the contributions to poverty eradication, sustained economic growth, food security, creation of sustainable livelihoods and decent work, while at the same time protecting biodiversity and the marine environment and addressing the impacts of climate change. We therefore commit to protect, and restore, the health, productivity and resilience of oceans and marine ecosystems, and to maintain their biodiversity, enabling their conservation and sustainable use for present and future generations, and to effectively apply an ecosystem approach and the precautionary approach in the management, in accordance with international law, of activities impacting on the marine environment, to deliver on all three dimensions of sustainable development.

159. We recognize the importance of UNCLOS to advancing sustainable development and its near universal adoption by States, and in this regard we urge all its Parties to fully implement their obligations under the Convention.


08 Mar. 2019 - UN-GGIM WGMGI1 project update document
06 Mar. 2019 - OGC Marine DWG Pilot Project Update document
30 Jul. 2018 - UN-GGIM Update Presentation  document
06 Jun. 2018 - OGC Pilot Project Meeting document
05 Jun. 2018 - OGC Marine Domain Working Group document
17 May. 2018 - (HSSC) Report of the / Proposal by the S-121 Project Team Progress Update  document
17 May. 2018 - S-121 MLB Status Report  document
28 Mar. 2018 - Canadian Examples of the S-121 Standard on Maritime Limits and Boundaries document
22 Mar. 2018 - Generic Overview of S-121 document
29 Nov. 2017 - S121 Status Report for Pacific GIS/RS User Conference document
29 Nov. 2017 - IHO S-121 Presentation to ISO 19152 ad hoc group document
07 Nov. 2017 - S121 Status Report for HSSC9 document
   Sep. 2017 - S-121 Vision and Use Cases File:3.2 S121 Use Cases.pptx
21 Sep. 2017 - UN-GGIM Presentation document
20 Sep. 2017 - Work Advancement Meeting document
20 Sep. 2017 - Governance Presentation document
20 Sep. 2017 - Encoding Presentation document
12 Sep. 2017 - S121 OGC Southhampton Presentation document
12 Jun. 2017 - S121 An Introduction and Standard Presentation document
   Jan. 2017 - S-121 Luncheon Presentation  document
05 Dec. 2016 - S121 Development Approach Presentation document

OGC Pilot Project

Collaboration has been initiated with the OGC Innovation Program to develop a Pilot Project.

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